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The Scientific Intake website is not intended for a U.S. audience. The website describes our product, Sensor Monitored Alimentary Restriction Therapy (SmartByte™). The product has not been cleared for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration and is not available for sale in the U.S.

SmartByte™ is limited by U.S. law to investigational use only. It has been designated Non Significant Risk by the FDA.

Outside the U.S., Scientific Intake's SmartByte™ is designated a Class I medical device and has been granted the CE Mark (Europe), and has been approved by Health Canada, Anvisa ( Brazil) and TGA (Australia).

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Getting Started: Patients

SmartByte™ will help you achieve a healthy weight – but it is not for everyone. SmartByte™ is a small, removable, custom made oral device that slows food intake during meals and snacks. It is a tool that makes you slow down and enjoy your food while eating less of it. There are some quick points to consider to maximize your success with SmartByte™:


Do you eat your meals too quickly? People who take very small bites and are naturally slow eaters may not benefit from SmartByte™ as much as people who eat their meals very quickly.

Is your oral health good? Because SmartByte™ is placed in the mouth, people with poor oral health or inadequate oral anatomy are not suitable for the device. In many cases, their condition can be corrected by a dentist to make them eligible.

Are you motivated to lose weight? Weight loss success with SmartByte™ is also dependent on your compliance. SmartByte™ is voluntarily placed — it is not surgically implanted in the body. Voluntarily placed devices like contact lenses and hearing aids, do not work if they are not used as directed. Of course, SmartByte™ Sensor helps you comply by precisely tracking when you use SmartByte™. Color coded charts show you when you are doing a good job or when you need to  improve usage of the device to get the desired weight loss.

The good news is that SmartByte™ is safe and easy to use. It is simply placed at the roof of the mouth (the palate) each time you eat. You will be amazed at how quickly you will get in the habit of using your device if you make the commitment at the very beginning. Many users tell us that they like the flexibility of SmartByte™. If you miss a meal, your efforts to date are not ruined. You control SmartByte™. It does not control you with rigid schedules, ongoing costs or specific dosage times.

Each SmartByte™ is created from a special palatal impression kit under the supervision of a trained SmartByte™ Provider. Your patented SmartByte™ is precision made for you alone using proprietary materials and methods. No two SmartBytes™ are the same and the “restriction factor” of your device is determined by our laboratory experts and proprietary formula.  It is made only for your mouth to optimize its safety and efficacy. Included with each SmartByte™ is the embedded SmartByte™ Sensor and a SmartByte™ Reader with software.

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